Yeah I know rap and porn has often gone hand in hand, but I cant be the only one who thinks Skepta’s latest video was a bad move. Lets be real here, the song is waste so the only way it was gonna get noticed was with some sort of attention seeking like this. Secondly, if you’re gonna do a video like this why do you get some butters chick like this Paris girl, c’mon maaaaan!

Whole video looks creepy with Shorty and Skepta spitting bars and Paris and some brer getting their fuck on behind. I’m all for buff nekid girls in your video’s, but I dont really see mans swinging dicks and all that, this aint gonna do him no favours. I dont have warn you it aint work safe (couldnt find a link to actually embed it so you’ll have to click the link below)

Skepta – Sex All Over The House (X-Rated)