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I’ve been meaning to write something about Philthy’s new album for a minute. Been too busy though so I’ll keep it brief.

It’s called “Trip N 4 Life” and it’s dope. A more mature/complex effort than his previous “Funk or Die”. Result of this is that it doesn’t contain the same instantly accessible tracks. Listened to it a few times, then buried it a week and went back to it.

And yea, it’s something that grows on you. Usually, for me, this means that I’ll be rewarded with a longer enjoyment of the record. Shit that I thrash straight away ends up feeling dated and i stop listening after 6 months.

Straight away on listening after a break I notice little changes in the beat to tracks like “I’m Jus Sayin Tho”  that add to the heavy/sombre tone of the track + lyrical content. And that’s the feel of the whole album,  a guy who’s lived and is still living some hardbody shit, not trying to make a ringtone + dance hit. More music that you’d play in your car or house than expect to hear in the club.

Track with the boy boy mess & mitchy slick is super nice

Download – Project Niggas

And this is the new single

Haven’t bothered to look at all the production but I know the mechanix have done a couple stupid good beats on it.

I can’t find an official page for Livewire records but found this

Livewire For Hire Blogspot

Keep an eye on labelmates Stevie Joe, D-Lo, DB Tha General and, label president, J Stalin.

All those guys have been doing shit that needs to be listened to and have more coming this year. Oakland might yet get mainstream recognition.


Soz about the shitty quality of this post. should’ve held it back till i had more than 15mins to spend on it.

Philthy Rich



Those of you in Australia might remember me hyping the fuck out of Philthy Rich when Funk Or Die dropped .  He came from nowhere and popped up on my radar via this video



Dude was fresh out of prison and bought out a heavy track with matching video. Funk or Die was one of my favourite albums from 2009(?) And for a long album – 20 tracks – there’s almost no filler.

This popped up on my feed today and I can’t help but wonder how much better the new album will be seeing as he’s had time to focus on it now that he’s out of the correctional system. For the immediate future at least. That’s the problem with guys like Boosie and Philthy – rappers who live what they rap about. we end up with careers cut short by federal correctional facilities.


On a side note, here’s Livewire labelmate  stevie joe and a cat from SF called slo-o with some introspective shit about what it’s like pushing weight, rather than the usual bravado rappers put on.