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So after Ghetts little outburst last week Lowkey has just responded over Ghetts own ‘Top 3 Selected’ beat. Jury’s out on this one, sometimes Lowkey is just a bit ‘too wordy’ for my liking, but nevertheless he makes some good points about the whole situation and its done him no harm whatsoever in terms of promo.

Logan Sama was one of the judges on the MTV panel, you can check out his reasoning on the list in this new interview (is it me or does Logan always have a cold).



allo allo allo,

Bluebirds just set me up on this thing so expect to see me start posting on the regular, or as often as i can at least. He’s got the Yank stuff pretty much covered so i’m gonna be dropping a load of UK stuff on here.

A couple of days ago MTV UK had some show where they got a panel together of  ‘industry types’ (why the fuck was Donatella in there i’ll never know) to discuss and come up with a top 10 mc list for 2010. It was also going to be a little bit controversial, but the final list they came up was as follows:

1. Tinie Tempah

2. Dizzee Rascal

3. Skepta

4. Pro Green

5. Wiley

6. Giggs

7. Devlin

8. P Money

9. D Double E

10. Chipmunk & Lowkey

Now the UK scene seems to be exploding right now and if you believe everything you hear and see people are doing better than ever, but what everyone fails to realise is that everyones watering down there shit completely and then playing get-a-long gang with everyone. True, Tinie Tempah has had crazy success this year but no.1 MC!? Come on now, thats a load of bollocks! Pro Green ahead of Giggs!?!?! Most of these guys have released some pretty questionable pop music this year and have got no business being on that list. The panel must have been smoking dust and evidently Ghetts feels the same as he gets pretty emotional on this video after hearing the run down.

So what does he do? Does what he does best and immediately gets in studio, records a track and films a video in what 48 hours! Be intersting to see the full out from this, particularly from P Money and D Double (who both do deserve a spot in that list in my opinion).