360 – Falling and Flying

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Always had a lot of love for ’60, despite a solid battle rap background he’s been one of the more adventurous local talents, always trying to bring in new elements to his sound. Pre-order his new shit here for a signed copy
Pre-Order Here

Also, bay area fans will be familiar with the production of Jeffro. He’s been behind some mammoth tracks on that side of the pacific, working with guys like The Jacka and Philthy Rich.
Been working on a track with him, Young Lean and 360. Hopefully have everyone in the studio in coming weekends and get it out there shortly.

360 Ft. Josh Pyke – Throw It Away

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In the same vein as Just Got Started 360’s on some smooth radio friendly ish again. A definite contrast to his battle rap stuff and a strategically good choice for a single given the radio attention Just Got Started received. And while it’s a softer song, it doesn’t stray too far and gay off.

kinda wanna hear him over some heavier beats though, but I guess that’s coming soon.