Last year Willy Staley (of Nation Of Thizzlam/I Don’t Know Man) brought to my attention these two videos;

There was some debate over whether they were actual songs, mentioning a product, or carefully orchestrated marketing campaigns. 2 milli views for the gwop gang one and nothing to be heard of since suggests maybe they were. That’s a moot point though, cause the song is sick and the snares pre-date BMF, where they became Lex Lugers signature.

Then there was this.

Not only a shocking song, but the product placement was so off-putting it almost made me want to stop drinking gatorade ( fyi, still on two bottles of grape a day. fuck drinking water.)

Lately there has been a bit of product placement/promo material sneaking into local rappers videos. And that’s cool, I’m not mad at them getting some funding now that musicians don’t get record company funding to the same degree as they used to. So long as it’s done well.

This is an example of what not to do

The track itself isn’t worthy of a post outside of the context of this piece. It’s bland, boring and has all the delivery and urgency of cold, lumpy, custard.
Which makes it all the more baffling why a client such as VB has spent brewery money (yea, big money) on some ad agency to then try get a box of VB front, centre of every shot. Maybe someone knows Barnzy there and they were using the beer to distract from the awful song.

On the other hand, Kiwi boys, Homebrew have done a much better job of it. To promote their album they created a series of entertaining vignettes. Sponsors products where featured, albeit less blatantly and at the end sponsors logo’s were shown. This is kinda important. I hate to think of the thought processes of someone who would’ve thought they were creating an interesting viral campaign with that Barnzy track.
Also Homebrew are a talented lot, who can make good raps songs.

There will continue to be some more truly atrocious product placements, though. At least untill Ad agencies all manage to work out how to use online media. And realise that 17-30yos hate to be pitched to and treated like fools. Y’know, like, we jus’ wanna feel cool/in the know/cynical an’ all that.


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A lot of road rap is pretty waste to be honest (just ‘cos you shot a bit of green dont mean you can rap), but i’ve been feeling a lot of K Koke’s shit. Look out for the new release ‘Pure Koke vol.2’ coming out March 28th. Koke’s not long ago signed to Roc Nation so should be interesting seeing what happens with him over the next 18 months.

If you never heard him, check out his appearance on Charlie Sloth’s ‘Fire in the booth’, now over a million views!

LB the Hype

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I’m not sure how this guy popped on to my radar but after digging through old trip hop albums in my room to find the nameĀ  of a guest verse artist on a tricky album it was a nice fit.