Tourettes – Inside My Head

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Y’know how there’s a slew of local acts that put some guitar shit in their raps on some bland pubrock shit?
Tourettes kinda shows how it should be done.

I’ve always got a lot of time for Tourettes raps/economy of phrase and this is no exception even though it’s kinda off most music i like. The ST reference in there is cute as all fuck too.
album out in a couple of weeks.

tourettes – Out of Water (clip)

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Tourettes is a bit of an anomaly for me. I don’t often like rap that comes with the pretensions of poetry. Nor people that spout forth their ideals with vitriol. Somehow he’s always got a pass from me though because I really like what he has to say/rap. And he does it with an economy of phrase that’s not present enough in a lot of music. Never one to follow in another’s path, the beat and the raps are on their own shit, don’t expect it to sound like any other NZ/Melb(currently residing) MC.

I think He’s got more stuff coming out soon, if not I’m sure we’ll be trying to put him on a show again soon.