Young L Mixtape Trailer

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The man behind two of the most interesting mixtapes in recent years (Young L.E.N & DomoKun) builds hype for his next venture with this piece of art via one of the bay area’s finest, Aris Jerome. So based monologue.

Los Rakas – Ta Lista.

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These guys had a strong showing at SXSW and this track slaps . First dude has the most relaxed flow this side of Giggs, i don’t need to know what he’s saying because it sounds so dope.
Aris Jerome behind the lens, again providing a conduit for really good regional raps that might not otherwise get my attention.

Stickup Kiddz

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These guys popped on my radar with these two tracks.

And then seemed to drop off the face of the earth. was just about to write a “what happened to…” post when i bothered to check again for new shit.

and turns out this dropped today

Aside from the obvious hyphy/post-hyphy influence they don’t sound like anyone and should be way bigger than they are.