Anthem for peace and unity

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More greaze from Chronik, who now has about 70 tracks ready to put out there. He’s made no secret of the fact that him and jail are good friends so he’s made enough to tide everyone over for when he next goes back in. This one over the Giggs ‘Look what the cat dragged in beat’, ‘Free Chronik’ out in the coming weeks.

‘I’m coming for that title, hardest in the UK’

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Back from New Zealand which was liiiive, bare jokes and mad shows. Big up Funtcase, Bare Noize, Eddie K, Chasing Shadows, Gemini, Distorted Minds and everyone involved in the shows.

Been mad ill since i got back so been away from this for a bit, but should be up on the posts from here on in…anyways here’s a new new Chronik interview


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First Chronik video since getting out the bing, you know you can rely on Chronik to bring the greaze back to grime, SLEEEEEWDEM!!!