E-40 Revenue Retrievin Graveyard Shift/Overtime Shift

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Just listening through now. Ominous, heavy Mobb Muzik.

Bit weird how he references that it’s mob muzik so often but pretty good that he’s ventured towards a more conventional flow. I’ll leave you with this, everyone else will be blogging about this in the coming/past day or two so no point going in depth about it.

My Money Straight by E-40 ft Black C, Guce, & Yung Jun

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First I’m not a Fawty Wawtah fan. Despite having some classics and bringing attention back to the bay almost single handed midway through last decade, I just can’t get behind the guy 100%. As much as I like his unique staccato on/off time flow (forefather to dizzee rascal?) it just doesn’t fare well for smooth heavy tracks, which I’m rather partial to.

That’s why this is interesting. The beat has all the hallmarks of classic bay mobb muzik, Heavy synth bass lines that just ride on punctuated by very digital sound effects. Young Jun – what’s up with this kid, I know he’s from Atl, but I only ever see him with bay area rapper, reverse Zeitoven? – nails the hook perfectly. Smooth, drawling. The southern accent probably works better here than a Cali one would’ve.
Black C has never done any wrong on any track ever. Either with the greatest rap group ever or, like here, as a guest. Brings a little menace to the track and rides the beat to perfection.
Gucey Guce Doughboy is one of my favourite rappers that I like and you don’t know about. Thing is he also has a staccato style that works best over faster, busier beat – probably why they put him and E-40 at opposite ends of the track. And his verse just doesn’t quite stack up to work he did on albums like Giants and Elephants, Bullys with Fullies, Duffel Bag Boys, Draped Up and Chipped Out etc.

Regardless, It’s a nice track, beat is super nice and I’m getting pretty interested in the new “40 album, out this month.

E-40 – My Lil Grimey Nigga

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And just like that, Interest picks up for Revenue Retrievin