oh fuck.( Death Grips – Guillotine It Goes Yah)

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Just click through to watch it on youtube then spend the next hour watching/listening to the other death grips stuff. Sometimes it gets a bit atari teenage rioty (KMFDM?) but w/e.

Red Eye Society – Back In The Day

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New album is available on monday. It’ll probably be the best recording from the southern hemisphere re; raps this year.
Reference the same ‘pac line that Louis Knuxx did last year..

Clyde Carson + Wyclef Jean – Where Doves Fly

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Clyde Carson was on the cusp of becoming a big name a few years back, Good rapper usually solid production choices and the video for Hood Stomped Out was more or less viral. Plus it was a hell of a track taking aminimal approach to hyphy elements only compounded their impact.

Here he teams up with Wyclef. I’ve always like Wyclef, even when doing lightweight pap like his work with The Fugees(the thinking mans Black eyed peas?) or just about anything he;s done he sounds good and manages to avoid the trappings of disposable pop nonsense.

Beat is on some summery shit and works perfectly with Wyclefs patois-lite intonations. Hopefully being affiliated with The Game will give Clyde Carson the push he needs to break through.
Download Courtesy Of Thizzler

Wiz Khalifa’s Album Was Luggage.

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Somehow Wiz/his handlers/his record company all got together and decided that despite building his hype of SOLID mixtapes they’d go the pop route and try cash in on his major debut. I get the theory. Black and Yellow was possibly the biggest song of last year and it was pop pop pop. The end product was something that felt like the rap version of all those awful pop punk bands at the turn of last decade.

This is the kinda shit he could’ve done and maintained his fanbase as well as picking up new listeners.

While both he and Trae have a laid back, smooth aesthetic going on the style + flow are a stark enough contrast that it works.

Something To Drive Home To – Audiocity

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Jacked from Ayebro.

Smooth as fuck independent crew from Wellington(?) with an album out that I think you have to hit them up on Facbook to get.

If this doesn’t make you feel like driving round late at night then you might not have feelings.

Sammy Gallows – State of War

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I’ll be honest, I don’t really know much of this kid(ex-debt collectors?) and the NZ raps I’m looking out for at the most are Red Eye Society’s new joint. He’s part of an Emerging collective of rappers known as SilverBack Gang which is made up of a few interesting Kiwi rappers living on both sides of the tasman, Mareko, Koma( from H-town legends 4corners) Fact (still in perth?) are amongst the many members.

Hard to tell if it’s just soundcloud/streaming being janky but the mix seems a bit off, the beat is kinda cool though. Definitely on some movie score/epic battle shit, which suits the track name.

Raps-wise I can take it or leave it. Guy has definitely listened to a lot of army of the pharohs/necro in his time though which, coupled with the beat means he might get a reasonable reception in Australia. Just those guys aren’t really my thing.

Karton – Bang.

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Video for a track Fraksha did for the production duo Karton…

Also, Lil B coming to melb in October…? Received a couple message from people who seem to know but at this time it’s only rumour/danny brown supprot.

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