Something From Auckland


Somehow the sound of this track sums up the aesthetic/feel of living in cetral Auckland and all the good and bad that comes with it. Perfect for late night driving. Pity the video is terrible, with the standard of recent NZ videos they could have made something that matched the quality of the song.

Louie Knuxx Interview


This one was a while coming. we scheduled and re-scheduled so many times. arrived without sleeping for 3 days and no questions. hopefully someone can make sense of it, I haven’t watched the edit yet. enjoy;
Here’s an old track

Stream/Download Wasted Youth here
And the Interview

I forgot to ask why the first track* promo-ing anything he does has a tupac reference. Wanna answer that cuz?

is just a co-incidence, dont think theres any on the new shit. I used to be a big pac fan but couldnt listen to his music for bout 6 years after i got out of jail cos thats all i heard and was surrounded by dudes that wanted to be pac.

*beat from fly, lyric reference in “This Summer”

Choose Mics – Ghost Soup

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Got Sent the promo this today. I like the promo, I really do but,

My only prior knowledge of these guys was this

I like the cool hand luke reference and there is the obvious skinnyman comparisons (that dude was huge in australia) but, rapping ability and a nice video only carry so far and as well crafted the production/hook are there was nothing really interesting about it. Prolly why it’s had less than 10 hits a day for the last year.

This on the other hand has perked up my interest a little.

Aside from the voice over.

If the album is on a similar lo-fi, slightly warped tip (think old Kool keith shit) it’ll have some replay value.
Album out on fri 13th may.

Block Beatz x Big KRIT

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Someone was saying they were having trouble downloading from the Fader site so here’s an alternate link.

Block Beataz did again. It’s soaring, reaching a crescendo towards the end, almost more akin to a movie score than a rap beat. And it works real well
Download Here