Soulja Boy, Andrew WK – I’m A Goner

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Remember how I’ve been saying forever that soulja boy makes exceptional music.

El Negro – Blue Drink

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Just some questions. Is that Blue Curacao with lemonade and fruit? That’s gayer than AIDS.
And is Mr Mannish also Mannish Man. Two sterling rap names.


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Almost all the trash I clear out of my inbox is boring as hell so when something genuinely interesting comes along I tend to get excited.

I don’t know anything about Faimkills aside from what I’ve gleaned from the video clips.

Camp, fey as all fuck, young, mexican kid. Probably from Cali…?*Edit* Inland Empire, to be precise..

Big on Morrissey/The Smiths* (and like people of his age who are, the Smashing Pumpkins)

Heavy into the 80’s references that early nineties proto-emo kids were.

Curtiss King Does the beats. And they’re amazing. Truly what(along with the tongue in cheek campness and reference) lifts this from more pedestrian fare like aesop rock or cage.

*What is it with cali mexicans and the smiths? Those guys are mililitant mozza fans. Dave Carnie started trying to get to the root of this anomaly in the big brother days but I can’t remember what became of that.


I don’t even know what to call this stuff anymore

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not quite drum/hi-hat driven enough for the “Ethereal Trunk Muzik” tag..
\whatevers, it’s got more longevity than “glitch hop”* ever did.

*wtf was with that? YTs doing a sound that already existed and pretending they had dibs on it cause their other YT friends only listened to jazzmatazz?

Jay Roacher – Paradise +Show this Fri W/ Louie Knuxx + Young Lean

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Jay’s new album, Cheer Up Jay, is out now via breakin wreckwordz and this is the lead single. Stays true to his subject matter, that depressed, introspective, reflection that’s a common theme throughout his work.

Beat by nettsmoney, reminds me a bit of “Party Trick” off of Young Lean’s worth the wax EP, but again works as a perfect compliment to Jay’s delivery and subject matter.
Video is a bit melodramatic but rounds out the aesthetic nicely.
Buy/Stream “Cheer Up Jay” Here

Anyways, Jay’s doing a show at laundry this fri with louie knuxx & young lean.

and I’m DJing in the other room for Mr DNA + AOI show with Kwasi

Fortay & The Hed UBD – Couldn’t Fuck With Us

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Fraksha put me on to this one too. Sydney have got some street scene that’s going miles ahead of anywhere else in Australia right now.

Tourettes – Inside My Head

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Y’know how there’s a slew of local acts that put some guitar shit in their raps on some bland pubrock shit?
Tourettes kinda shows how it should be done.

I’ve always got a lot of time for Tourettes raps/economy of phrase and this is no exception even though it’s kinda off most music i like. The ST reference in there is cute as all fuck too.
album out in a couple of weeks.

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