360 – Falling and Flying

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Always had a lot of love for ’60, despite a solid battle rap background he’s been one of the more adventurous local talents, always trying to bring in new elements to his sound. Pre-order his new shit here for a signed copy
Pre-Order Here

Also, bay area fans will be familiar with the production of Jeffro. He’s been behind some mammoth tracks on that side of the pacific, working with guys like The Jacka and Philthy Rich.
Been working on a track with him, Young Lean and 360. Hopefully have everyone in the studio in coming weekends and get it out there shortly.

360 Ft. Josh Pyke – Throw It Away

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In the same vein as Just Got Started 360’s on some smooth radio friendly ish again. A definite contrast to his battle rap stuff and a strategically good choice for a single given the radio attention Just Got Started received. And while it’s a softer song, it doesn’t stray too far and gay off.

kinda wanna hear him over some heavier beats though, but I guess that’s coming soon.

360 – Experiment or Pacify?


For those that don’t know of him, 360 is an Australian rapper who had a certain degree of success with a track called “The Festival Song”. Probably the largest mainstream following/radio play since the Hilltop Hoods were big.
If the festival song was 360’s child prodigy moment then currently he’s going through his teenage experimental years. And he is. In the last year I’ve heard him go over all different styles of beats from dubstep to southern stuff, finding what works for him. and it has been interesting & rewarding following that.
Last year he kept a small buzz going via the release of a mixtape – “please be seated” – and starting “Rappertag”.

I’ve already posted his most recent video – Just Got Started, which copped criticism for the sample not being old enough (seriously…) and on the weekend he upped these two of his new album

I think I told him on saturday that Miracle In a Costume only got interesting around 1:34.

the online response was pretty much the direct opposite of my opinion though;

Its are well and good to make tracks designed to get heaps of airplay on NOVA & JJJ… But are you at all worried about your musics longevity?? My point is heaps of Kunts will bang out Classic Lazy, Bias, Hoods, Bunks etc. albums Forever whereas noone would ever give the Festival Album a run again…

I enjoy it but yeah it is fashion music, it will be gone as quick as it came.

followed by much praise for miracle in a costume.

And that seems to the dominant opinion (or at least the most vocal one) here in australia. If a track doesn’t have a soul sample and a boom bap formulaic beat then it’s “trash/not real hiphop”. Which is kinda pointless, ’cause as important as the hoods and lazy grey et al are/were to the domestic scene there’s no point trying to sound like them, 10 years after the fact.
It’d be a shame if ’60 took heed of these opinions and missed a chance to put something out there, on commercial radio, that doesn’t fit in the narrow defines of “real” hiphop.

The thing is, talking to local rappers and producers it’s not a sentiment shared by any of them. Just about everyone I’ve encountered is constantly looking to new scenes and sounds for ideas and inspiration. If in the near future Australia developed it’s own sound (not just the accent) the way other geographic regions have it’d hardly be surprising.

Acts to look out for locally that I’d recommend are what’s coming out of Fraksha’s camp at the moment fraksha/Diem/smashbrovas etc particularly the stuff with Kurk Kokane.
And I copped these two yester, Haven’t given a proper listen to them yet though.
Download Zarkov – Are We Having Fun Yet
Download Megatroid_ Battery Brain
Also check out my last post. Louie Knuxx has been based in Melb for the last few years and producing his own beats now too.

Ungh, this is badly worded/constructed, I’ll prolly come back and delete this. Going to put the finishing touches on a beat tonight then send it off to 360 and it’ll be available for free download soon.

Billy Bunks – Rappertag


Rappertag was a small internet venture from 360 that kicked off late last year. It consisted of a rapper recording a couple of bars then at the end naming the next rapper to have a go. Starting in Melbourne it soon travelled around the country and generated a huge following and a hugely varying level of quality from the participants (stop all the back patting, some of it was fucking awful).

Due to the competitive nature of rap/rappers the quality of the film clips increased dramatically. the first few where filmed simply on webcams. Later on we’d see HD recordings and scripted video clips.

Last night Billy Bunks came through with his effort and finished it. What struck me about his effort is how it embodies the local scene. Far more than any all 9 elements, breakdancing, wearing a tee shirt professing a love for footwear, “Street” magazine ever does (but god damn there’s a lot of those in the “scene”)

Some points to note about the Australian rap scene (at least from my perspective of an outsider looking in)

  • There’s not a lot of money in it.  For all the rap dress ups at night, come 6:30am the work boots come back on. And Australia is pretty proud of it’s working class, more so than pretending to have expensive things.
  • Beer is to rap here what Codeine is in Texas, MDMA is to the bay, Malt liquor and kush are to LA, Heroin is to New Orleans, Trapping is to Atlanta.
  • Graffiti/Tagging is closely tied to the hiphop scene. More than breakdancing. Probably more than DJing. Nearly more than the actual rapping.
  • The younger generation pay a lot of respect to the older generation. This is only eclipsed by the amount of respect the older generation feel they deserve. This carries over into their feelings on international acts. More than once I’ve heard people saying about current Atlanta + Bay rappers I’ve played that the reason the listener isn’t a fan is due to the artist not paying enough homage to NY rappers of the 80’s

Anyways, enough analysing here’s Blly’s effort
Find ’60’s one here + the rest of them.

360 + Pez Just Got Started


I like what ’60 tries to do. The beat is on some summer niceness that fits Melbourne’s current clime and makes for perfect background music. My gripes are;

1. If you’re going to have a sung hook, get someone who can sing. Might cost a dollar or two more but really, it matters.

2. What’s the point of having a guest/second artist if they add nothing. Srsly, pez could’ve handed the verse back to 360 instead of doing it himself and it wouldn’t have changed anything (I know, you guys had a good follwing off that one track together and could do with cashing in on that again.)

3. Could you not accentuate the last word on every line – or at least the rhyming ones. I get it, it’s rap, it’s supposed to rhyme, there’s no need to emphasize the words that do.

It’ll still do well, get radio play and upset the “rap purists” (which makes everything else forgiveable in my eyes), so well done ’60. And at least you’re bucking the local status quo, doing your own thing, just lay off posting youtube vids when you’ve had a big night on dust, that shit made me shiver.


edit- seems some people are catching feelings ove the heavy sample/appropriating the chorus from a whitest boy alive track.

maino, raps music has been sampling since it’s inception. just cause it’s not a 60’s soul hook doesn’t make it any less valid.