Classic Samples – Tom Tom Club “Genius of Love”

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An old favourite, released in 1981 and it started getting sampled about 30secs later

Yella – Gotta Be Strong To live In New York (1981)
This was the reason Yella from NWA called himself Yella

Grandmaster Flash – It’s Nasty(1981)
So so futuristic

MixMaster Spade & The Compton Posse – Genius Is Back (1988)
Something about this reminds me of Arrested Development.

Hard Boys – Groupies (1991)
Snoop re-used a line from this and Gangsta Rhyme Posse would later use the same sample and similar topic for the second best use of this sample ever. One of the first Gang raps groups from Atlanta.

Mariah Carey – Fantasy (1995)

If you don’t like this then you don’t like me.

Mark Morrison – Return Of The Mack (1996)
Subtle use of the track and one of the first to borrow so minimally from it.

Warren G & Adina Howard – What’s Love Got To Do With It (1996)
Off the Jackie Chan movie “Supercop” Soundtrack, this – I think – went number one in New Zealand and was more or less ignored everywhere else in the world

Brownside – Life On The Streets (1997)
Small sample from around 3:03 of the original is used to good effect with a classic westcoast latino banger.

St Lunatics – Gimme What You Got (1997)
Before Nelly was big they had a regional hit with this

Cam’ron – Me, My Moms and Jimmy (1998)

Mac Dre & Jay Tee – Chop That Ho (2007)
“Pac might have been the greatest rapper ever but Dre was the best. This is in here just because posthumous uses of Mac Dre need to be noticed. 17 odd years earlier Mac Dre and Coolio pretty much put a stop to lil Bruces career over this beat. that was the best use of the sample ever.

Posse Cuts.

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There’s something about tracks with a half dozen or so different rappers that I really like. Possibly because I grew up when rap groups were more common than solo artists. Having different people come in every verse (or half verse) stops shit getting boring and there can be some real entertainment later in the track when there are a couple of dubious artists and the quality falls to amateur hour levels.

Last few years it’s been the go to for a new artist with a hit single to get a remix with about 10 a-list rappers – think throw some D’s on it, black n yellow, aye bay bay. Which invariably ended up with Jim jones droning over the beat at some point because cam’ron seemed to go missing for a minute or two a couple years back. anyways, here’s some posse cuts worth checking out.

Welcome to Houston – Slim Thug ft. chamillionaire, paul wall, mike jones, pimp c, bun b, lil keke, z-ro, trae, rob g, lil o, big pokey, mike d & yung redd

Marshawn Lynch – Jacka, D.I.P., J Dandridge, Mistah FAB, Rick Ross, Shady Nate, Philthy Rich, The Pack, The Cataracs, AC, Ruben Stunner, D-Willz, Gaitta

Throw Some D’s – Rich Boy Ft  Lil’ Jon, Andre 3000, Jim Jones, Nelly, Murphy Lee, and The Game

SF Anthem – San Quinn, Big Rich, Cellski, Black C, Boo Banga, Willie Hen

Thanks to codie G from g-side/slow motion sounds for hooking me up this one last night

Leanin In The Lac_Mr. Marcellus, CP, Sebastian Cayne, Fadel, Mr. Big Boi Talk

Hood Like Me – Young Sid ft Louie Knuxx, Tha Key, Flowz, Ethical, NS, Fizek, Kuruption

20 Bricks Remix – Laroo,The Jacka, B-Legit, Big Rich, Cellski, Killa Tay, Eddie Projex, & Harm.

Get money – Dubee aka sugawolf, Husalah, Rude Boyz, B-luv

Get the audio all here

(sorry missed “hood like me”) Leanin on the Lac can be found along with some other slow motion sounds joints on the link  above.  To make up there’s an 11min remix of Wiz Khalifa’s “Black n Yellow” with Game, Jeezy and some others on there, it’s nice.