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The Sith Lord returns with two mixtapes out this week and this crazy freestyle that i must have reloaded 50 times this morning.

Byron continues to show the show the talent thats sure to take him to big things over the next few years with this SBTV warm up session just out a couple days ago and already racking up plays in the thousands.

Sparring Practice

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Here’s a new one I did with Arctic that you can grab right below along with a remix from Spherix anf an acapella for any DJ’s/Producers.

Grab it here http://www.grimeforum.com/?p=6591

Back to the old style…

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After a couple years of moist tunes Scorchers back with this one over the classic JME riddim. There’s no denying his skill, but the jury’s still out for me on this one.


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Tornts back once again with this new one to tide people over between albums and I like the slowed down vibe on this one. Gotta say Tornts workrate is levels above most and from what I gather it wont be long til we get another album from the man


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New Goodz album ‘Overall’ is the best album this year, say nothing! Go and buy 5 copies. In terms of lyrcis, flows + innovation its untouchable, no one is or can do what he’s doing with this shit. There aint a weak tune on it, but these two are my favourites right now

Been busy…

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…so aint posted for a while.

On paper i should hate this, but i fucking love it haha except her mate with the glasses, she can get a shovel in the face


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Only just seen this so not grabbed it yet but Badness is always good for a listen. ‘Bring out your one’ is massive anyway so worth it just for that alone.

Run straight (prod. by wiley)
Aeroplane feat. Skepta & Killa P (prod. by Skepta)
Silencer (prod. by Teddy)
Own back feat. Dizzle kid (prod. by Murder)
Bring out your one n/h feat. Little Nasty prod. (by Teeza)
Stay alive (prod. by Beatgeeks)

download it here

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