Throw Back Thursday; UGK – Super Tight (1994)

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Not the First effort from UGK but the first I heard. At this point in time most rap I’d hear was from California or the East Coast, so I guess this one started my fascination with Third Coast ish.



Download UGK – Super Tight

Chong Nee + Chalie Boy

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Almost every time people talk to me about rap they eschew the lack of musical skill displayed by current artists.  Here’s two guys that definitely buck that trend. First up, Chong Nee from New Zealand, guy was chiming in with the hook on one of the best recent NZ releases

More recently he came through with something that showcased his musical/vocal ability

Similarly, Chalie Boy came to most peoples attention with a poppy, catchy hit.

At the time i thought the guy not only rode the beat really well but he had an interesting voice, potential hook-man for Texas. Further investigation revealed he’d been singing gospel choir since the age of three. I kinda wondered if he’d just be a one hit wonder or come through with the goods.

After a year or two I’d forgotten the guy when this popped up;

Brings up memories of older Goodie Mob and MGJ and Eightball all at once. Renewed interest led me to his mix tape “The Grind Pays Off”  which you can get here;

or visit his site;

and download the “Baby Making Music” tapes, for those with a more RnB bent.

Thing is , with both these two, is that even if they don’t make it big as either solo artists or doing hooks for people I can still see them making music for years, like i can picture them at 80, playing shows in small bars, just ’cause they love doing it.