Gucci Mane Ft Busta Rhymes & Tity Boi – Murder

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This is sick. Beat is both stripped back and cluttered at the same time.

Busta ape-ing Gucci’s flow is really nice.

I’m Still not 100 on Tity Boi/2 Chainz but he’s growing on me.

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LEP Bogus Boys + Gucci Mane – Handlin My Bizness

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Gucci got lazy a couple years ago and only just started hitting form again recently. It’s cool to see him working with some hungry dudes like LEP Bogus Boys cause that could just be the catalyst for him to get that energy back, plus those guys need more exposure. Like the Jealous Guys, they’re viciously ignored in favour of timid acts like Wale and Mac Miller.

Good to see a proper collab. where the artists probably hung out and worked together rather than just emailed a beat/verse to each other too.

Gucci Mane – The Return of Mr Zone 6

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Lately Gucci has fallen off in a big way. Wacka did what OJ couldn’t, going from the understudy to the usurper in a matter of months. And at the same time it felt like Gucci was resting on his laurels. 4 years at the top of the rap game and it seemed like he’s been slowing down a bit lately. the remixes of gucci tracks had more energy than actual gucci tracks did. The hunger and desperation were gone. A facial tattoo generated more hype than his numerous court appearances and high profile collaborations did.
Somewhere in the background the drumma boy driven street album “The Return of Mr Zone 6” has been crafted. More than a return to form it’s a return to the streets. Heavy drum and synth beats with repetitive lyrics. Swag on overdrive and as hardheaded as he’s ever been
This track sums it up perfectly. if you weren’t a fan of classic Gucci then this will fly above your head, for big cat leflare fans of yester year, this is what you’ve been waiting on

“shout out to my accountants, my attorneys and my manager”

pre-order here and get the tee shirt
leak here
Gucci Mane – The return of Mr Zone 6 Leak

Gucci’s New Tattoo

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Despite what half the internet is saying, Gucci’s new tattoo is the best thing I’ve seen all year. got my tribute today.

New Gucci – Free Gucci II the Burrrtish Edition

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