Roach Gigz – FA Chorus – Dir. By Kreayshawn

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If you’ve already got “Bitch I’m A Player then you’ll know the song. Roach kills it.
Dope to see Kreayshawn hasn’t turned her back on making clips. Seem to recall her saying she was only rapping to get paid and make films, hopefully she goes on with that, it’s crisp as fuck, a lil arifs jerome like even.

Roach Gigz – Bitch I’m A Player

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Just cop it.

Armani Depaul, Roach Gigz, DB Tha General – All I Know

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I don’t really follow Armani DePaul but Roachy and DB are two to watch for. Both, in their own inimitable styles, have been putting out some serious work. Both have made their inroads with adroit wordplay and being two of the most proficient lyricists to have come out of the bay recently.
So it’s kinda refreshing when they turn down the lyrically lyrical lyrics and turn the swag up. Nothing groundbreaking here but a solid track to have in your headphones.

Roach Gigz F A Chorus

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Couple years Bunks asked for some music. I gave him Roach Gigz “Buckets and Bootycalls”. Since then he’s been the one Bay Area artist I push onto people that consistently gets good feedback from people in Australia.

A punchline rapper that by virtue of his style and beat selection (c-loz on the beats) manages to stay out of the trap that every other most rappingest rapper falls into.

And a direct by-product of the Post-Wayne era. After jigga man every rapper was all “i’m not a rapper i’m a XXXX who happens to rap”, after wayne everyone is trying to be the best rapper with the best beats.

Here’s a new track, and leave a comment if you want/need any of his older stuff uploaded