Choose Mics – Died In Your Arms ft Xy

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I posted the promo up for this a while back and said of their last effort, “nice video, nice raps, nice production, bit boring though”

This is the first track off their new album and it’s dope, beat is a different pace to their usual stuff (from what i’ve heard) and it makes a world of difference.
Tune into Goonbag Radio tonight at 10:30 AEST to listen to the album in it’s entirety

Choose Mics – Ghost Soup

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Got Sent the promo this today. I like the promo, I really do but,

My only prior knowledge of these guys was this

I like the cool hand luke reference and there is the obvious skinnyman comparisons (that dude was huge in australia) but, rapping ability and a nice video only carry so far and as well crafted the production/hook are there was nothing really interesting about it. Prolly why it’s had less than 10 hits a day for the last year.

This on the other hand has perked up my interest a little.

Aside from the voice over.

If the album is on a similar lo-fi, slightly warped tip (think old Kool keith shit) it’ll have some replay value.
Album out on fri 13th may.