Classic Samples – Juicy Fruit.


This is one a lot of people will be pretty familiar with, Mmtune – Juicy Fruit. This one was probably the reason why I started doing this section of the blog, after overhearing someone complaining about people re-using samples. Said person holds Biggie’s Juicy as the greatest track of all time. Admittedly a lot of these tracks don’t do much to change the beat. Mitchy Slick’s is probably the exception. I skipped a lot that all sound the same.

The original

And some uses of it, in chronological order.
1988 – stetasonic

1989 – Wrecks n effect

1992 – Common

1993 – Andre Nickatina (Biggies one was later this same year. Dre Dog’s was the first one I heard)

1994 – Warren G

1995 – Krucked M-Age (Sample is in the second song/last half)

1996 – Pauline Henry

2001 – Mitchy Slick (This one is sick)

Shout out to rappers with bummy as fuck videos.

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There are so many of them out there. Talented rappers who don’t have the budget/friends/powers of persuasion to come through with a good video so they produce something that is only just better than a youtube slideshow.

In no particular order
Hugh E MC is a good rapper who I don’t see ever blowing up. His track on San Quinn and C-Bo’s compilation was sick. Seriously good rapper on, seemingly a low budget. Mu’ufukka has snakes in his video though.

The 2Took cameo leads me on to this video. Cellski has been one of the most under rated MCs outside of the bay and one of the most loved in the bay for a reason. He is that good, go download all his old shit next time you’re stuck trying to find some new rap music. Also i think he was the first (or at least one of) guy to start pumping out mixtapes of raps over other peoples beats. Here he waxes philosophical about the grimey shit that goes on in the city. (This is actual a well made video, just looks grimey so it suits)

Shout out to wacka flocka for giving me the heads up on this video last year just before g-dep handed himself in for a murder. G-dep was almost a big time star in the glory years of bad boy. This video is low budget as all fuck but suits the track. Note dude talking bout his flyness and note his attire. Note the smiley dude in purple (grimace? i see you cuddy), note the guests names… so much amazing in one video. Track is fucking ill though

Lil B Could be nominated on so many fronts here. Most, if not all, his videos look like he fimed them via his friends 2 megapixel camera phone. Appreciate the genius.

Messy marv is that rapper who might not be the most technically talented but he knows how to pick a beat and how to sound good over top, which is far more important in my ears.
This track should have been as big as “hit em up” the video, like all his videos, feels like he spent his money on cocaine and partying, then scraped out the video from what change he had left over.

Mitchy Slick is probably as much of a banger (is that too ’90’s?) as he says. how the fuck you going to complain about record companies not supporting you then commit a dozen crimes through video footage?

Who Looks like more fun to hang out with than Crunchy Black? No Fucking One. Guy is having the time of his life here, just dancing to his own music in front of …. some houses…whi8ch he probably has no association with. I can imagine him drinving around for hours till he found the street that looked “just right”. Crew Dancing/pointing are amazing too.

This is a well executed video and David Banner is not only the producer/rapper you need more of in your life but, seemingly, one of the greatest people to ever help his fellow man. The metaphors in this are amaing though. Yea, he does superman the fuck out of his “day” attire then jesus the fuck out of some dead people. yea. wow.

Also, locally, no one gets a video budget (- i see you 360, you get one). Tornts was one of the first Australian artists I warmed to, just all his videos look the same. Much the same as 90% of grime flicks look the same. I guess it comes out of DIY shit and just making do with what you’ve got but he’s one of a couple of guys in Melbourne that need to get a bigger budget and film something that does the music justice.