V-Nasty – We Like

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Kinda in the same vein as Jessica rabbit’s “Cookies” or Kelis’ “Milkshake” both aurally and subject matter-wise.
It does show that V can probably pull out a lucrative radio friendly hit though, despite almost all her body of work to date being obnoxious, abrasive, over-swagged hype.


Roach Gigz – FA Chorus – Dir. By Kreayshawn

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If you’ve already got “Bitch I’m A Player then you’ll know the song. Roach kills it.
Dope to see Kreayshawn hasn’t turned her back on making clips. Seem to recall her saying she was only rapping to get paid and make films, hopefully she goes on with that, it’s crisp as fuck, a lil arifs jerome like even.

V-Nasty Free

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This is pretty entertaining.