Louie Knuxx – Wasted Youth Free Download

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One of my favourite albums out of NZ ever, any genre. Hard copies of this sold out years ago so Louie is giving it away in prep for his new album Funeral For Two (I think…I might have made that name up though…)

Download Wasted Youth Here

Jay Roacher – Embers + Download

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Everything coming out of Jay this year has been dope. Cinematic soundscapes coupled with someone who can verbalise melancholy and hopelessness without coming across like a cockhead or teenage girl.

Red Eye Society Ft. Louie Knuxx – Free As A Bird

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This is burner of a track off their new album, out today.

Interestingly Louie Knuxx drops part of a line that he used when he was first telling me about how I didn’t really understand how good R.E.S. are.

Red Eye Society – Back In The Day

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New album is available on monday. It’ll probably be the best recording from the southern hemisphere re; raps this year.
Reference the same ‘pac line that Louis Knuxx did last year..

Louie Knuxx Interview


This one was a while coming. we scheduled and re-scheduled so many times. arrived without sleeping for 3 days and no questions. hopefully someone can make sense of it, I haven’t watched the edit yet. enjoy;
Here’s an old track

Stream/Download Wasted Youth here
And the Interview

I forgot to ask why the first track* promo-ing anything he does has a tupac reference. Wanna answer that cuz?

is just a co-incidence, dont think theres any on the new shit. I used to be a big pac fan but couldnt listen to his music for bout 6 years after i got out of jail cos thats all i heard and was surrounded by dudes that wanted to be pac.

*beat from fly, lyric reference in “This Summer”

Louie Knuxx – Lotus

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My favourite MC from NZ comes through on the production and the rapping. Interviewing him this weekend, until then enjoy the shit out of this,

Jay Roacher – Death is the Dancer

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Breakin Wreckwordz main man in CHCH comes through again. Kid is amazing. 22 on the beats is, I’m assuming, Scratch22 of yesteryear.

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