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Only just seen this so not grabbed it yet but Badness is always good for a listen. ‘Bring out your one’ is massive anyway so worth it just for that alone.

Run straight (prod. by wiley)
Aeroplane feat. Skepta & Killa P (prod. by Skepta)
Silencer (prod. by Teddy)
Own back feat. Dizzle kid (prod. by Murder)
Bring out your one n/h feat. Little Nasty prod. (by Teeza)
Stay alive (prod. by Beatgeeks)

download it here

Still skinny…

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M.U.D.F.A.M General and UK legend Skinnyman has just dropped a new video. Who knows when it was filmed or if theres gonna be anything coming out soon considering its supposed to be coming out the last few years and the previous video dropped yonks ago, but i dont give a monkeys either way. ‘Council of Estate of Mind’ is one of my favourite album of all time and Skinny has been more than a major inspiration to myself and countless others.

LEP Bogus Boys + Gucci Mane – Handlin My Bizness

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Gucci got lazy a couple years ago and only just started hitting form again recently. It’s cool to see him working with some hungry dudes like LEP Bogus Boys cause that could just be the catalyst for him to get that energy back, plus those guys need more exposure. Like the Jealous Guys, they’re viciously ignored in favour of timid acts like Wale and Mac Miller.

Good to see a proper collab. where the artists probably hung out and worked together rather than just emailed a beat/verse to each other too.

PNC – Slow Motion, Ft Homebrew

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PNC has consistently been one of the best rappers out of NZ in recent years (Check Bazooka Kid, nuts production and rapping) and Homebrew have the biggest buzz an act from Aotearoa has had since …maybe Scribes early years…for a reason, they’re sick.

So this was always going to be nice. Best OutKast reference ever too, I’ll go out on a limb and say that album was their best and the three songs around the one they referenced are the best three songs in a row on any album.


Mr DNA – The Chronic Of Nania

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I Haven’t listened to this yet so i can’t comment on the quality aside from Mr DNA got a couple beats off Nettsmoney so those will be nice.
Mr DNA is a local Melbourne kid, I think he’s responsible for the HIpHop nights at RATS and he was good enough to book Young Leans first headline show.

Download Here