Saturday slap Husalah – Murder On My Mind

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An oldie but a goodie. The footage interviewing Hus the afternoon before he went into federal Pen for trafficking is pretty depressing but the track is still amazing 5 or so years on.

Getting me in the mood for the Grips n Tonic set at Bang tonight.

Roach Gigz – FA Chorus – Dir. By Kreayshawn

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If you’ve already got “Bitch I’m A Player then you’ll know the song. Roach kills it.
Dope to see Kreayshawn hasn’t turned her back on making clips. Seem to recall her saying she was only rapping to get paid and make films, hopefully she goes on with that, it’s crisp as fuck, a lil arifs jerome like even.

Skeamo + NTER + Fortay

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These guys, Skeamo in particular perked up my interest a while ago.
Liking their beat selection even if all I’ve heard so far is some mixtape style stuff over, predominantly, southern hits.
Nters’ Boosie tribute on this one starts off a bit off but picks up straight away.

Cousin Fik – Ghost of Hyphy

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Given the affiliation with E-40, raps greatest advocate of nepotism, it’s safe to say that cousin fik is most likely fawty wawtah’s actual cousin. Those that follow my posting in other arena’s might recall this, sublime, wee number;

This number has been out for a while too but I’ve had it on heavy rotation of late.
Download Ghost of Hyphy

The best part of this (aside from the solid rapping) is the line “flip you off like a white boy”
It’s one of those stereotypes about YT’s that I sometimes forget. Like the perception that white people smell like wet dogs or use social media to post inane shit about what they eat there’s also the belief that if you get matt, chad and brayden together for a photo, at least one of them will be pulling the fingers/some retarded “gang” sign in the picture.

Anyways, enjoy the song.

Juicy J – Money Balls / Workout(Official Video)

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More sinister horror shit from Memphis premier, Juicy J. (afaik the horror movie soundtrack type sound of memphis raps can be traced back to one seminal hit that sampled Halloween..) Heavy feeling this.
And DJing at Mr DNA/AOI show at laundry in a couple weeks so get ready for a ton of this shit to grace your aural passage.

Trill – Tradie Money

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Trill comes through with a tongue in cheek take on third coast snap.



You already know i like the shit out of her. As painful as she would be to hang out with her whole personality is refreshing as fuck. Fabby Davis said he was getting her a $1mill signing bonus like he got kree, and riff raff(eew) in the background could be a clue to who she signed/signing with (has this happened already? I’ve been away from the internet)

but yea, no matter what she’s saying I’m more interested in the track playing at the end of the clip.

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