Complex magazine seems to be on a bit of a roll at the moment with these lists. Pretty interesting fodder, breaking down a regions best or an artist’s take on their own best work. This on is easily, for me, the standout. Might just be Noz’s writing/detail that appeals to the nerd in me. The way he puts in all the little details, like explaining what a “trigga” is, is more important than the track selection for an article like this.
Top 50 New Orleans Rap songs

the only things i would have changed would be to include this number

. A fairly standard bounce style track that had obviously been toned towards mainstream sensibilities. There are others on the list that do the same, and earlier, so the exclusion is understandable but I find Kane and abel’s role in N.O. interesting with their record label attempt/drugs stuff etc.

and this one

Which had birdman, wayne and BG turn to a sound that’s….something. Plus my favourite hookman, Magnolia Chop, one of N.O.s finest who seems to have picked up work in the bay where master p left off.