MR Sche – I’ll Always Be

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Recently I caught a small doco, via @Noz, about Memphis rap in the 1990’s. Towards the end DJ Paul says that Memphis rap is getting pushed out of the city and all the rappers are going to Atlanta, He goes on to say that the sound that’ll get made in Atlanta will take over the HipHop scene in the 2000’s. Which it did.

Mr Sche is somewhat of a memphis mainstay that I’ve only just picked up on. His “Underground Forever” album/tape is still in my car cd player after about 5 weeks.

Armani Depaul, Roach Gigz, DB Tha General – All I Know

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I don’t really follow Armani DePaul but Roachy and DB are two to watch for. Both, in their own inimitable styles, have been putting out some serious work. Both have made their inroads with adroit wordplay and being two of the most proficient lyricists to have come out of the bay recently.
So it’s kinda refreshing when they turn down the lyrically lyrical lyrics and turn the swag up. Nothing groundbreaking here but a solid track to have in your headphones.

Louie Knuxx – Wasted Youth Free Download

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One of my favourite albums out of NZ ever, any genre. Hard copies of this sold out years ago so Louie is giving it away in prep for his new album Funeral For Two (I think…I might have made that name up though…)

Download Wasted Youth Here