David Dallas – Life Is

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Since getting picked up by Duck Down, D Dot has been on a heavy work rate. Rose Tint drops real soon and he’s doing his best, via quality tracks + guests, to make sure it stays in the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Rapping is of his usual quality, likewise lyrical content, the real star here is the soaring, ethereal soundscape created by Fire and Ice, one of NZ’s best producers (duo, right?).

Monterfer – My Own Lane


Beat slaps real hard. Indecent came through like Traxamillion on this one.

White kid on the hook..are my ears going blind or does he sound like Prince?

And 3:03-3:08.. campest gigging I’ve ever seen. (that is Indecent himself…?)
I think it needs to be summer again for me to appreciate this track properly.