This is one a lot of people will be pretty familiar with, Mmtune – Juicy Fruit. This one was probably the reason why I started doing this section of the blog, after overhearing someone complaining about people re-using samples. Said person holds Biggie’s Juicy as the greatest track of all time. Admittedly a lot of these tracks don’t do much to change the beat. Mitchy Slick’s is probably the exception. I skipped a lot that all sound the same.

The original

And some uses of it, in chronological order.
1988 – stetasonic

1989 – Wrecks n effect

1992 – Common

1993 – Andre Nickatina (Biggies one was later this same year. Dre Dog’s was the first one I heard)

1994 – Warren G

1995 – Krucked M-Age (Sample is in the second song/last half)

1996 – Pauline Henry

2001 – Mitchy Slick (This one is sick)