Given the affiliation with E-40, raps greatest advocate of nepotism, it’s safe to say that cousin fik is most likely fawty wawtah’s actual cousin. Those that follow my posting in other arena’s might recall this, sublime, wee number;

This number has been out for a while too but I’ve had it on heavy rotation of late.
Download Ghost of Hyphy

The best part of this (aside from the solid rapping) is the line “flip you off like a white boy”
It’s one of those stereotypes about YT’s that I sometimes forget. Like the perception that white people smell like wet dogs or use social media to post inane shit about what they eat there’s also the belief that if you get matt, chad and brayden together for a photo, at least one of them will be pulling the fingers/some retarded “gang” sign in the picture.

Anyways, enjoy the song.