It seems like the beatmakers progressing raps music change guard every two/3 years. Lex Luger is the guy now that Bangladesh was a year or two ago and Pharrel was a couple years before that. I’m probably only aware of this because sometime around the early 2000’s (Neptunes, Scott Storch, Dan the automater etc) Producers moved to the forefront – there were a couple of major names, dre and premier for a start – and they’ve remained there ever since.
I look for tracks that have been done by drumma boy and Zeitoven as much as I look for tracks by certain rappers. This is probably a culmination of promobot heavy mixtapes and the increasingly democratic process of making music. A massive, expensive studio is no longer required to make quality music.

Clams Casino aka clammy clams is one guy that I’ve been keeping my eye on ever since i heard this

Haunting, etheral beats are his signature, but the kids has a really diverse range.

here’s an instrumental mixtape he just uploaded. Even without the vocals over top of it it stands up as an album in it’s own right. Soundtrack to the day after.
Download Clams Casino Instrumentals