In Bullet Points

  • Seems most guys in Melb can’t afford a tee-shirt. Lil steroid homie looked all confused when i threw some coins on the ground and told him to pick them up and get himself to the salvation army shop on monday. Sorry dawg, just being a bully when drunk, hope you understand.
  • Erykah Badu will always be able to sell CDs to funky white people/lesbians. Fuck knows how i ended up seeing any of that. Place fucking stunk.
  • Rusko(rosko???) Lightweight dub-step, but I aint mad at that, why put him on in the middle of the day?
  • Nas + Damien Marley.. Was the guy meant to play “No Woman No Cry” after Nas did golden oldies to start off with? interested for ten minutes. Went and got beers twice + pissed x3 and they were still playing. srsly boredom. 20 mins would’ve been enough.
  • Luda kept it short and on point, even some turntable shit for the golden oldies. Does he know the sound was fucking shocking though? like you couldn’t hear a fuckin word he was saying at times.
  • That’s all I saw, aside from a fuckload of people being embarrassing trying to show off/be quirky.