David Dallas – Take a Picture

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Without bothering to check the credits I’m assuming that this is a Fire & Ice produced track. or 41. But most likely them.
It always strikes me as funny when people in NZ are doing something that someone on the other side of the world is doing, but completely unaware of each other. That might seem like a big stretch in the internet era of music but fire and ice have been honing their sound towards this ethereal, post-based, washes of sound type stuff since before based had any real internet presence. And with Clams Casino and Main Attrakionz getting major traction over there, there’s not really a better time for D Dot to have this released.

Hopefully next time he comes to melb more than 30 people show up. Incidentally the last time i went to a show with that small of a turn out was the white stripes. and they waived the $5 cover fee just to get people in.

Parody raps

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Probably the modern day equivalent of those weird al yankovich type tracks from the 1980s/90s.