Almost all the trash I clear out of my inbox is boring as hell so when something genuinely interesting comes along I tend to get excited.

I don’t know anything about Faimkills aside from what I’ve gleaned from the video clips.

Camp, fey as all fuck, young, mexican kid. Probably from Cali…?*Edit* Inland Empire, to be precise..

Big on Morrissey/The Smiths* (and like people of his age who are, the Smashing Pumpkins)

Heavy into the 80’s references that early nineties proto-emo kids were.

Curtiss King Does the beats. And they’re amazing. Truly what(along with the tongue in cheek campness and reference) lifts this from more pedestrian fare like aesop rock or cage.

*What is it with cali mexicans and the smiths? Those guys are mililitant mozza fans. Dave Carnie started trying to get to the root of this anomaly in the big brother days but I can’t remember what became of that.