I told this guy a while back I’d review his stuff and never did. I feel a bit guity that a) i was too busy and b) i couldn’t be bothered listening to it because i found it boring. And the guy seems to be a really ice and earnest guy that believes in what he’s doing

As a rapper he’s fairly average, subject matter was standard, slightly aggressive, misogynistic australian fare and the only line I remember was something about “satans mothers cunt” which i only remember because i thought, yep, another local MC who got into rap via necro and seems more at home in the juggalo world than the rap one (fukkk it, them clown raps get paid, big time)

Thing is when i look at art i want something that’s not just average everyday shit. If i wanted that I’d just go to work. And evolve struggles to rise above average delivery, pretty standard track choices and non-memorable subjects.
I’m not saying you have to be the most technically brilliant rapper ever, Take tornts or waka flocka for example. No one is ever going to put either of them in a top 5 lyricists list, ever. but Tornts has a unique poetry and economy of phrase which, coupled with the production choices, really sets a unique soundscape and mindset. And waka just tapped into peoples primal urges.

Till then I guess this one is a reasonable filler for local shows and so forth.

But yea, Check out the kids website
Evan The Evolve