I lost my father and my best friend…hell naw I ain’t the same nigga…ya dam right I changed….

That Tweet from J Stalin today got me thinking of the interesting juxtaposition that occurs in gangsta raps when the façade of hyper-masculinity collides with genuine feelings of sorrow and vulnerability. Here’s a few of my favourites.

Stalin and dubb20 come through with the heavy hitter lines.

Nearly every Boosie song is a documentary of how shit life can get and his video clips can be sickening at times with how fucked up his community is but the line “life scarred from bad memories/daddy loved drugs, but you can’t take this from him, he loved us” gets this one in over the others.
Free Lil Boosie.

only brotha lynch hung could have an emo song with references to hating gays. Rap music, i love you.

sugar sandwiches. Meal talk.

Game is one of the most interesting rappers in the mainstream at the moment/last few years.
I think part of the reason for this is that throughout all his interviews and most of his songs he comes across as struggling to come to terms with something deeply troubling. Yea, fascinating.