Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Too Short, I like Too Short, I fucking love Too Short.

Short Dog’s in the house, his guests on The Jacka’s Die Young, Mistah FAB’s “Sideshow Remix” are all great moments in His career.

It just seems he’s really quick to jump scenes/styles in the hope of a payday and it seldom works. Early 2000’s album he did in Atl. that was all Lil Jon..forgettable. His album around ’07 where he tried to get on the Hyphy bus… more so.

And this one

I’m all for rappers trying new shit. This isn’t trying new shit. This is trying to jump on a bandwagon with a derivative, boring, generic sound in the hope that you get paid. I’m not sure how this is a good move for him, maybe it’ll bore people into submission.