I’m never going to be a huge fan of Fatty Phew, I’m just not real fond of his delivery, probably never will be.
This track is the strongest I’ve seen of his to date though.

While it would be easy to call the lyrical content and video “cliche” and the eminem comparisons are obvious (better to be compared to him than R.A.E.D. though, right..?), what gets this through is the quality of the production and the cohesiveness in which it fits together.

Tales of struggle have been told a million times in all genres of music so they only way to make it stand out is to have a polished product. This ticks the boxes ’cause the production isn’t just real clean but it fits the aesthetic of the track perfectly. Pitch shift of the sample and the guitar notes match the lyrical content perfectly. And whether I like his flow or not is beside the point because the guy comes across with a real sincerity, something that everyone can relate to without delving into the mundane, pedestrian tripe of an “everyman”* rapper.

And the Video is nice. It’s refreshing to see lesser known rappers with a lesser budget ( I hate the term “underground”) striving to bring a quality visual product to rival the bigger players. And not fall into the cliche trap of showing the artist in an “Urban Enviroment” complete with legal walls and train tracks.

Anyways, enjoy;