I’ll be honest, I don’t really know much of this kid(ex-debt collectors?) and the NZ raps I’m looking out for at the most are Red Eye Society’s new joint. He’s part of an Emerging collective of rappers known as SilverBack Gang which is made up of a few interesting Kiwi rappers living on both sides of the tasman, Mareko, Koma( from H-town legends 4corners) Fact (still in perth?) are amongst the many members.

Hard to tell if it’s just soundcloud/streaming being janky but the mix seems a bit off, the beat is kinda cool though. Definitely on some movie score/epic battle shit, which suits the track name.

Raps-wise I can take it or leave it. Guy has definitely listened to a lot of army of the pharohs/necro in his time though which, coupled with the beat means he might get a reasonable reception in Australia. Just those guys aren’t really my thing.