There has always been a contingent that get into rap/hip hop because they lack the ability to make music/sing and figure they can do this rapping thing, ’cause it’s just talking over drums. More often than not these types seem to be hell bent on co-opting rap for their own cause/message and have no idea about rap/it’s roots/the history of it, aside from some patronising narrative involving NY, empowering the black people( so long as they don’t move to my neighbourhood) and riding about on a high horse. This stands to reason because you’d have to be pretty oblivious to rap in general to think you’d make a good rapper with no musical ability at all.

In a country like Australia where rap/hip hop is such a small and fractured thing this is further compounded because anyone slightly involved in any form of similar music gets covered under the blanket label of hiphop.

The interpretive dance troupes, the shakespeare with drums, the curse ov dialect, the elf tranzporters all get grouped in with the more credible, actual, artists.

This was the case with a crew from sydney that were truly atrocious, Natural Causes. They were bland, derivative, nonsense, peaking around the same time as the whole “support australian rap because it’s australian, not on it’s merit” ethos did. I completely wrote them off. When the figurehead for that group has gone off to jump onto any bandwagon he can- including juggalo face-painting – and others have gone on to create interesting music it was almost like the whole scene in miniature.

Zarkov was a member of Natural Causes. I put up his tapedeath mixtape a while back and here’s his new project with Kai Tan (also of NC?). The track still feels like it’s halfway through the development of an idea, to me. Not sure whether they want to take a verse chorus verse approach or make into one of those bedroom burners that just ebbs and flows outside of the confines of a normal radio song.
The rapping on the un-mastered version was awful, with this mix + distortion it works better and ties the whole song in together.

The New Dumb