These two are seem like they’re on the cusp of becoming a force to be reckoned with in the Australasian hiphop scene. Everything they’re involved in together has been of a calibre that far exceeds their non-existent budget’

Jay is, by my count, one of the best rappers in either country at the moment (even if he does focus a bit much on battling) with the right balance of technical wordplay and pop sensibilities to still sound good. And polite enough to let Riz Kid go first on this one.

Melbourne based Nettsmoney has a history of crafting solid beats for NZ artists, including a lot on the Breakin Wreckwordz label but seems to be on a bit of a creative bent of late, choosing to create hiphop beats that don’t sound like hiphop beats.

Netts on the video edit for this one too.

Only complaint is my same one about 360/pez yelawolf/rittz doing tracks together. Is there really a point in a guest/collab when they sound similar?