First up. I’m really getting into Memphis/Tennessee music at the moment.
This Is Dope.
Download Mr Sche – Underground Forever

Bun B has been a bit weird lately. Like bored + boring. Like GZA has been since about 6 months before Beneath the surface dropped.
Noz from cocaine Blunts called it first – that i saw – so it makes sense that he finds the first interesting thing Bun has done in ages. A – vinyl, no less – release with freddie gibbs and some “Mexican Dubstep” crew.

enjoy the fuck out of this
Mexicans with Guns by Noz

I don’t have anywhere the time i want to put into this blog, so often by the time I get around to posting stuff up someone has beaten me to it. (Probably means I have nothing to say/anything interesting to add.)

Usually these guys get in first, so heres a mix of stuff from SMC records done by the guys at southernhospitality – ft The Jacka, Husalah, Killer Mike, T.I. Keak Da Sneak, Young L, Zion I etc etc.

SMC are about to drop the new killer mike, but they’ve put on just about anyone worth listening to from the bay over the years.
SouthernHospitality Presents SMC – Independent As Fuck