tourettes – Out of Water (clip)

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Tourettes is a bit of an anomaly for me. I don’t often like rap that comes with the pretensions of poetry. Nor people that spout forth their ideals with vitriol. Somehow he’s always got a pass from me though because I really like what he has to say/rap. And he does it with an economy of phrase that’s not present enough in a lot of music. Never one to follow in another’s path, the beat and the raps are on their own shit, don’t expect it to sound like any other NZ/Melb(currently residing) MC.

I think He’s got more stuff coming out soon, if not I’m sure we’ll be trying to put him on a show again soon.


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Me and Diem popped into Top Billin’ on Triple R a couple weeks back, shouts to Rosco and Rawls. Anyway, we ran a few bars and just stuck the video up just now, straight barring!


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A lot of road rap is pretty waste to be honest (just ‘cos you shot a bit of green dont mean you can rap), but i’ve been feeling a lot of K Koke’s shit. Look out for the new release ‘Pure Koke vol.2’ coming out March 28th. Koke’s not long ago signed to Roc Nation so should be interesting seeing what happens with him over the next 18 months.

If you never heard him, check out his appearance on Charlie Sloth’s ‘Fire in the booth’, now over a million views!

Throw Back Thursday; UGK – Super Tight (1994)

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Not the First effort from UGK but the first I heard. At this point in time most rap I’d hear was from California or the East Coast, so I guess this one started my fascination with Third Coast ish.



Download UGK – Super Tight