Eldorado came through with Paint the Town Red a few years back. It was a seriously good tape. At the same time there was an immature air to it. like he was still a bit new to rapping/picking beats out. Still it was a pretty stand out free release which generated a fair bit of hype for him. Then he fell right off my radar. Popping up again last year with a couple tracks with alley boy.

Big KRIT came out of nowhere last year with KRIT Wuz Here, one of the most polished free releases in memory. Excellent on all fronts from rapping to production + sample choices (I think there is still money available to the first person to name all the samples.

Recently they teamed up for this and it’s nice,
Download Eldorado Red + Big KRIT – Look At Me

If anyone needs, Leave a comment and I’ll up Paint The town Red and KRIT Wuz Here