A few years ago I was talking to a local DJ guy about “Jerkin”, he’d been interested in teamknoc when I’d played them so I assumed that he’d be into the LA version of based music. At this point The New Boys hadn’t signed to anything and “Your A Jerk” was still just a home made track + video clip.
Never really saw much more of Jerkin in Melbourne although i stayed up on it via DigitalDripped.com and Yo Gotti’s mixtape version of “your A Jerk”.
Caught up with the guy the other day and he told me Jerkin was going nuts amongst the only just turned 18 crowd. At the same time a few friends in AKL and Perth linked me to vids of kids like this one.

Turns out that Polynesian Kids in NZ and Aust have taken to jerkin like it’s the next big thing. Guess it’s not surprising that;

  1. Local “hiphop heads” completely missed another song+dance trend ( I don’t understand how breaking is popular with them and non of the other forms of rap + dance combos are)
  2. The local polynesian kids got right behind something that involved music+dance+a bit of flair.


I’m not the niggest fan of jerkin as a movement but I can understand people being into it. What I don’t get is this;


The guy clearly knows about jerkin. And clearly knows that his target audience are right into it, hence him choosing to mimic the form. Why then pretend to not know about it and act as if he’s invented his own shit. Which happens to be a direct clone, albeit a watered down one.

If this guy can get paid off it (he won’t) then I’m going to invent something that sounds just like country music, cause those guys can’t get the internet on the farm – yet – and I’ll be able to sell tapes to them to play in their tractors, Cash Money.