Throwback Thursday


Thursdays I’m going to up an album. Something old that might have slipped a few people by, this week it’s something from the bay, ColdWorld Hustlers’ album “Iceland”

It’s super nice, enjoy


Mata – I’m Different

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So this finally got a video clip. Mata, of Paper Route Gangstaz is part of the Huntsville, Alabama collective that has given us G-side, Block Beattaz, Jackie Chain etc and the kind can rap real nice. The beat is typical of their output, more of a soundscape that brings a feeling to compliment the lyrical content+flow than just another rap beat.

What I liked about this is that on the video it includes DJ drops/promobot.


5 years ago this would’ve been a cause to upset a lot of people but now days, when most people consume music via youtube and mixtapes, it almost stnds as a commentary that that sort of behaviour is acceptable.

Or I’m just using it to back up me telling people that I think it’s perfectly fine for tracks played in clubs to contain dj drops.