Aka the most boring song I’ve had the misfortune of watching.

I don’t get this. Why do a track that sounds the same as a million other songs, rapping about the same old tired shit that kids into bootsy backpack raps always say.

At the same time saying “this town don’t do hiphop” (learn something, h-town has been well into raps for more than a minute. 4corners made serious moves, dubious brothers… nevermind the OG h-town click who in the 1990’s introduced me to the wonderful world of southern music.) and giving props to the most boring group to ever record, J5 – at least he reflects his influence. I hope this is someone’s school project and no money has been involved in this set of cliches. There really was no need/point for this song + video.


Here’s some yo gotti to was the taste out of your mouth.