New Gucci – Free Gucci II the Burrrtish Edition

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Philthy Rich



Those of you in Australia might remember me hyping the fuck out of Philthy Rich when Funk Or Die dropped .  He came from nowhere and popped up on my radar via this video



Dude was fresh out of prison and bought out a heavy track with matching video. Funk or Die was one of my favourite albums from 2009(?) And for a long album – 20 tracks – there’s almost no filler.

This popped up on my feed today and I can’t help but wonder how much better the new album will be seeing as he’s had time to focus on it now that he’s out of the correctional system. For the immediate future at least. That’s the problem with guys like Boosie and Philthy – rappers who live what they rap about. we end up with careers cut short by federal correctional facilities.


On a side note, here’s Livewire labelmate  stevie joe and a cat from SF called slo-o with some introspective shit about what it’s like pushing weight, rather than the usual bravado rappers put on.


Raps with Live Musicians/Instruments

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Nine times out of ten when rappers and musicians link up to do a live performance it’s garbage. Utter shit. Chali 2na, funky white people, “real hip-hop” shit.  And it detracts from both participants.  Most likely because they’re not used to working together so it doesn’t gel as well as rapping over the same instrumental you’ve done it over a million times in the recording studio as well as live. Or some “funky” jazz bongo playing white dreads stoner decides he can help a track with an improv moment. Fuck that noise, I’m not trying to hear it.

Then last year, this was amazing.




And, today I saw this. G-side can do no wrong at the moment. The whole slow motion soundz collective are all putting out work to watch for, from production to rapping to promoting their own stuff. This is due to being really selective about what they do and the quality of it, rather than taking the approach most rappers on the come up have taken, firing off any and all output and hoping some of it catches on. So it makes sense that they got the live instruments aspect right as well, even though the sound quality on the recording sounds like it’s playing from the tapedeck in a 1989 corolla.

(5 years is too long in Australia, I was surprised to see black people playing violin…srsly.)



And just so you know, I don’t care for The Roots, Jazzmatazz or any of that other shit that you most likely do if you’re offended by the post.