I like what ’60 tries to do. The beat is on some summer niceness that fits Melbourne’s current clime and makes for perfect background music. My gripes are;

1. If you’re going to have a sung hook, get someone who can sing. Might cost a dollar or two more but really, it matters.

2. What’s the point of having a guest/second artist if they add nothing. Srsly, pez could’ve handed the verse back to 360 instead of doing it himself and it wouldn’t have changed anything (I know, you guys had a good follwing off that one track together and could do with cashing in on that again.)

3. Could you not accentuate the last word on every line – or at least the rhyming ones. I get it, it’s rap, it’s supposed to rhyme, there’s no need to emphasize the words that do.

It’ll still do well, get radio play and upset the “rap purists” (which makes everything else forgiveable in my eyes), so well done ’60. And at least you’re bucking the local status quo, doing your own thing, just lay off posting youtube vids when you’ve had a big night on dust, that shit made me shiver.


edit- seems some people are catching feelings ove the heavy sample/appropriating the chorus from a whitest boy alive track.

maino, raps music has been sampling since it’s inception. just cause it’s not a 60’s soul hook doesn’t make it any less valid.