First, I like Fabby Davis Jr. Since he was first breaking out from Thizz Nation and when the Baydestrian came out I thought he was going to be the next big thing (the bay was hot back then). He can rap. He could pick a good beat and sound good over it. He could put out some superbly radio friendly sounds. He could mix it up with freestyle battles against dinosaurs like royce da 5 9 and come off looking good. And nothing happened. He just seemed kinda cheesy. Bay bloggers disowned him. I’m pretty sure Messy Marv gets in a couple disses at him on Draped Up and Chipped Out II even though FAB features on a track with Marv on that same album.

And last week this popped up in my feed. He’s doing bootsie backpack raps to the point of wearing an actual backpack in the video. (is the backpack a metaphor for a backpack? srsly?)

(Aris Jerome on the video, bit different looking for him, but watch his youtube channel for a go-to list of who’s doing interesting shit in the bay.)

The beat is nice.(if ancient sounding. reminds me of an old mad circle video, which isn’t a bad thing) he raps with a proficiency that’s fairly remarkable. And I think this is his natural habitat. He was good on “Calling My Name” with the Jacka, he’s real nice on the remix of the Game’s “I’m The King”. If Fab had been chasing that “EastCoast, 15 years ago” market the whole time he’d be a bigger name (on the internet at least) that boring guys like Joe Budden.

Still, I liked him more over a traxamillion beat.

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